Sacred Intimate Training

Comforting on park bench

How do I listen to others?

As if everyone were my Master speaking to me

His cherished last words.



Each of us has enormous potential to heal ourselves and others. That healing comes from intimacy.

Intimacy can be physical or emotional. It need not be sexual, and what's sexual is not necessarily intimate. True intimacy comes from deep presence and loving care. Massage therapists, coaches and counselors, teachers, bartenders, and hairdressers – anyone paying mindful attention – can hold space for people's hearts. All true intimacy is sacred, and anyone who offers it is a sacred intimate.

The final course in The REAL Center curriculum focuses on three skill areas: peace (creating a physical and emotional space of comfort and trust), empathy (through compassionate communication and somatic awareness), and nourishing touch. We will work and play at manifesting these gifts in service of healing and growth. This course is geared particularly to those interested in organizing and staffing The Healing Temple.

REALationship 101-401 or equivalent background in NVC and somatic experiencing required.

Eight weekday evenings, 7-9 pm




Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est

Where compassion and love prevail, God is there.