Evening Programs

Healthy Relationships Series

The Yoga of Relationship

Life in the Face of Disaster

"I am not your Mother!"

Love, Intimacy, and Sexuality

Make Love, Not War

Relationship, Sex, and Healing

Nonviolent Communication Intensive Report



couple on couch with hands close but not touchingREALationship 101

REALationship 201

REALationship 301

REALationship 401

Sacred Intimate Training

Stress-Free Parenting

Emotional First Aid

Sacred Sexuality Video Series

Better Relationships Through Emotional Healing

Somatic Awareness

Special Events

Rewilding Weekend

Intimacy Intensive

Nonviolent Communication Intensive

REALationship Support Group

Healing Sex: From Shame to Celebration



Introduction to Compassionate Communication

We Can Work It Out

REALationship Workshop

Being Yourself with Others: Communication and Physical Intimacy

Somatic Awareness

Somatic Awareness Weekend

Healing the Heart/Genital Split

Are We Having Fun Yet? The Magic of Conflict

What's Up With Him?

My Friends Are Green

Sacred Land, Sacred Sex

Whole Body Massage

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.
If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

The Dalai Lama