What I learned at the Nonviolent Communication Intensive

Alan Muskat with Steve Torma

CNVC Group

The golden age was first; when man yet new

No rule but uncorrupted reason knew

And, with a native bent, did good pursue

Unforced by punishment, unawed by fear

His words were simple, and his soul sincere

Needless was written law, where none oppressed

The law of man was written in his breast

Ovid, Metamorphoses, 8 CE


Four times a year, the Center for Nonviolent Communication holds a 9-day training in Albuquerque, NM. Marshal Rosenberg, his wife Valentina, and two other trainers lead a residential immersion in NVC consciousness. My experience at the NVC Intensive this winter was the most significant experience of my life thus far, and I will share my revelations, stories, and photos. Hugh and Devin, attendees from Charlotte, will also be there. Steve will describe his experience of attending an intensive in September as well as our plans to create a similar event here in Asheville this fall (see here). Everyone will receive a copy of my typed up notes and collected resources.


Lucas Foglia rewilding
Lucas Foglia

Beneath the veneer of civilization . . . lies not the barbarian and the animal, but the human in us who knows what is right and necessary for becoming fully human: birth in gentle surroundings, a rich nonhuman environment, juvenile tasks with simple tools, . . . play at being animals, . . . clan membership and small-group life, and the profound claims and liberation of ritual initiation and subsequent stages of adult mentorship. There is a secret person undamaged in each of us, aware of the validity of these conditions, sensitive to their right moments in our lives.

Paul Shepard