Relationship, Sex, and Healing

Alex Grey, "Kissing"


If sex is such a natural phenomenon, how come there are so many how to books about it?

Bette Midler

After our survival instinct, sexual energy is the most powerful force in the human experience. It can drive us to noble and creative endeavors as well as to destructive and hurtful pursuits. We grow up in a culture with a lot of fear and shame around sexual energy, mainly due to its immense power and frequent misuse.

How do we access and guide this energy? With the heart. The energy of the heart contains and directs sexual energy so that it is a healing and transformative force. And what guides our heart? The overall spiritual purpose of our lives. When all three are combined (sex, heart, and spirit), we can live a deeply satisfying life of service to our ultimate vision.

Join us for an introduction to ideas and practices for improving our physical and emotionally-intimate relationships.