Sacred Land, Sacred Sex

Bleeding heart

Love is the perfect work.
A music which rings all the bells in the temple.
A special wind in the trees...

When I am at work in my garden I take off my shoes.
I let my other hands embrace dirt.
I plant myself in this place.
And knowing what love is I awake.
In this place in my body.
Full of dream music. Full of Life.

Thomas Rain Crowe, "The Perfect Work"

Natural shower 

This workshop is primarily an exploration of energy. We’ll experience the Earth’s healing energy - through trees, plants, lying on the ground, etc. Next we’ll experience our own energies and how to intentionally activate a sense of play, expanded states of awareness, and higher states of consciousness. With these two practices we’ll experience a sensual connection to the more than human world. These activities and connections are designed to create laughter, joy, peace, and oneness. For singles or couples. No overt sexual contact.


In a reciprocal process, the more one is in contact with one's own inner world, the more he or she will establish connections with the sacredness of the outer world. And it is only by becoming a part of the sacredness of nature that one may unearth one's spirituality.

T. Byram Karas