Sexual REALationship

If sex is such a natural phenomenon,
how come there are so many how-to books about it?

Bette Midler


This is a version of our Level One class focusing on physical relationships. We cover the same material, paying particular attention to how our issues play out in our sexuality. This is not a class on sexual technique: touch, breathwork, etc. Rather, it's about the emotional challenges and discoveries that come from physical intimacy and our attitudes toward it. Couples and singles are welcome.

The truth is that ALL our relationships are sexual. Sexual energy is no more or less than life energy, for in life we strive for unity and creativity. The needs we may look for sex to meet: belonging, closeness, love, trust, support, security, appreciation, power, contribution... are the same things we look for in every relationship. Sex merely magnifies whatever challenges we are having with relationship in general: with LIFE.

In our experience, a willingness to talk about sex creates far greater intimacy among the group much more quickly. It also brings us into our bodies, our somatic experience, and this is where some of our greatest growth can occur, liberating us from old habits into greater freedom and openheartedness.

Eight weeknights, 7-9 pm



Your task is not to seek for love,
but to find the barriers that you have built against it.