Rewilding Weekend

a "back to nature" retreat

fostering greater intimacy with the land, our food, and each other


Join us for a summer camping retreat. We'll explore:

• wild foods with The Mushroom Man, Alan Muskat

• relationship skills with Earthaven President, Steve Torma

• Thai massage with Robert Wootton

As we get away from it all, there’ll be plenty of time for wildcrafting in the woods, cooking outdoor meals, hiking to waterfalls and swimming in the creek, singing around the campfire, playing, and really connecting. Whether gathering honey mushrooms or wild persimmons, brewing sassafras root beer or feasting on ramps and morels, together we'll "take in the landscape" as we enjoy a "slow food, slow mood" experience. In this Garden of Eden, we’ll rediscover not just how to feed ourselves, but what truly feeds us: the knowledge that we are always home: that the world is not a hostile place of scarcity but a loving source of abundance.

Rewilding is defined as "the reversal of human domestication." Freeing ourselves from the competitive mindset of a domination-based culture is what Nonviolent Communication, or NVC (ak.a., Compassionate Connection) is all about. This is something we mainly do from the inside out. By truly experiencing presence (from Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now), empathy (through NVC), and the power of love (from Ho'oponopono), together we’ll experience how life can be a welcome challenge, not a maddening struggle.

As we "eat here now," exploring, savoring, and celebrating this time and place, we rediscover paradise, finding greater comfort with the land, our food, and each other. We revel in real eating and real-ating. Going back to nature, we go back to our true nature as loving, open beings. We welcome the world with open arms, and we find that it has been waiting all this time for us: for us to come home.