The Art of Loving Relationships

avoiding the top ten romantic pitfalls

February 15th, 2012

part of our Healthy Relationships Series

Intimacy is more than sex; it is the never-ending spiral into the beauty of knowing and sharing ourselves ever more deeply with one another. It is the journey of a lifetime, what most makes life worth living. Without authenticity, there can be no relationship; only smoke and mirrors. Until you can be yourself, you can't really live (here's a song about it).

Come learn what lies beneath romance, what's there when the illusions are gone. Come learn ten steps down to solid ground, to where nothing can shake your love for each other anymore. You'll learn the theory and practice of not only creating more lasting, loving relationships, but also for finding real peace within. Topics include self-awareness (distinguishing between your thoughts and feelings), moving through fear, the power of vulnerability, and heart-centered sexuality (see also "Principles of REALationship"). Join us for fun and heartful evening of exploration, connection and discovery.